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Zen of Dendro

This piece outlines some guiding principles for learning, with or without Dendro. It is modelled on the Zen of Python.

Interesting beats important-but-boring. Important is fun when you're ready.

Insights beat rules, for rules are just old insights. Intuition counts.

In the face of ambiguity, guess. Keep learning and your guesses will improve.

Memory saves your progress. Practice saves your memory.

You can only learn your own ideas. If you like another's thinking, make it your own.

Simple is better than complex. Complex is better than complicated.*

Insight is the spark of knowledge colliding in your head. Not on paper, or the web.

Follow the threads. Hindsight will knit you a shape from them.

Honour the tangents. They are the direct route to mastery.

The mind does best what it does most often. Engage with the best things often.

* A direct quote from the Zen of Python; it's more about the human brain than programming.

June 2020
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Georgios Zonnios
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